A fellowship for the advance of the gospel, with a heart for the north side,

on a mission to honor the Lord by making more disciples for Jesus Christ.

Join us on Sundays at 10:00 AM.

We are meeting indoors or join us online on YouTube. facebookinstagram

Northside does not require face coverings at church. Our Sanctuary has enough room to allow for social distancing. Our building is professionally cleaned throughout the week. Individuals should choose to practice mitigation measures such as masking and social distancing as they deem best for their own health and safety. If you don't feel well or are running a fever, please stay home and join us on YouTube.

Past Church Services - See Videos Here 

A ministry of Northside Fellowship, All the Children of the World Academy (ATC) partners with parents to love and educate children about God and their environment, in preparation for the future. Children in our school will learn and play while building a foundation for life. Our approach is active learning where children utilize their five senses. A strong academic foundation is achieved in creative and intrinsically motivating ways.

Learn more about ATC Academy