High School

It is our mission to come alongside High School students to help them navigate their way through this fast-paced and ever-changing world. We intend to equip them to be people of hope, love and faith. High School students are faced with many life decisions, we teach them how to use the Word of God for direction and empowerment. We also provide opportunities for them to discover who they are in Christ and develop in their own personal giftings through service, prayer and worship. 

Middle School

Middle School is a pivotal time of life. It is a time of discovery and the beginning of independence. As our youth come of age and begin to make decisions for themselves, it is our mission to help them come to know Jesus in a powerful and personal way by creating an environment for them to feel confident and loved.  

Get Involved

Middle and High School Youth Group


Our group is meeting at 7:30 PM on Thursday evenings.

Youth Leaders: Corey and Dan Barr