Christian Counseling

Christian counseling ministry committed to emotional and spiritual healing, growth, and transformation.  As believers in Jesus Christ, we seek: the Father's heart, the Son's power and authority, and the Spirit's leading and guidance. Counselors can be contacted by calling the church office at 614-890-8985. 

Rick Gale, MA, LPCC Ext. 52

Emily Hughes, MA, LPCC Ext. 12

Healing Groups

Throughout the year we host special events for the purpose of helping believers heal and become whole through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

  • Divorce Care
  • Grief Share
  • Healing Seminars
  • Prayer Weekends


Griefshare is a 13 week group which helps people process the painful emotions associated with loss. It also helps to normalize some of the feelings you are experiencing as well as how to navigate them. 

If you have an interest in joining a group in the future, please contact the church office at 614-890-8985 or email Emily Hughes at