ATC Academy


A Christian preschool & kindergarten located at Northside Fellowship Church

Address: 6841 Freeman Road, Westerville, OH 43082

Phone: (614) 890-8985 Fax: (614) 890-3825


THE MISSION of All the Children of the World Academy (ATC) is to partner with parents to love and educate children about God and their environment, in preparation for the future. Children in our school will learn and play while building a foundation for life. Our approach is active learning where children utilize their five senses. A strong academic foundation is achieved in creative and intrinsically motivating ways.

All the Children of the World Academy is a chartered nonpublic school under the supervision of the Ohio Department of Education.

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Our Values

Children: As our name suggests, we believe that all children in this world are valuable, precious and uniquely created by God. Therefore we work with children in a way that uplifts and encourages them.

Early Childhood: We believe early childhood is a distinct and critical stage of development for all children. So we embrace this journey of early childhood by intentionally crafting our classroom setup and activities to address the needs of the whole child.

Integrated Faith: We are a Christian school that weaves faith into the classroom and curriculum. Our routines, transitions and snack times support the emergence of teachable faith moments. We welcome non-churched or non-religious families at ATC.

Cultural Depth: The ability to cherish our own cultural roots, as well as learn about the cultures of those around us is a very important skill in our world. At ATC we make learning about cultures, languages and customs an ongoing occurrence.

Parents and Family: We recognize the importance of parents and family in the development of a child. We seek to support and encourage parents in their roles and offer enriching opportunities for families.

Accessibility of Staff: We embrace our role in reflecting God's intense delight in children through quality interactions that are personal and individualized and that reflect our deep interest and sensitivity to each child.