Sunday School

Lambland: Newborn through 30 months. Lambland is a loving environment where parents can bring their little ones to the open arms of a caring adult who will sooth, rock, talk, read, and play with their baby during the worship celebrations. Parents can feel comfortable that their child is safe with these capable adults and will be well cared for. 

Promiseland (age 3 to grade 2): Bible stories are taught in a creative and playful way. Students will learn basic truths through story telling, puppets, imaginative play and arts.

Promiseland (3rd-5th) : During this transitional time, the students learn how to discuss how the Bible applies to their lives and how to make Jesus their "Forever friend".

Lake Ann Camp

Northside will be taking a group of kids grades 3 to 12 to Lake Ann Christian Camp in Michigan Week 4 or July 6-11. Visit the Lake Ann Camp website to learn more about camp at Lake Ann and to register for camp.

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