ATC Kindergarten

Offering All-Day Kindergarten Programs

3 Day, 4 Day & 5 Day

9:00 AM – 3:15 PM

Before and After Care Available

All the Children of the World Academy (ATC) is a Christian school dedicated to the social, emotional, and academic growth of all students. 

We place importance on preparing a rich environment which allows children to explore and make connections. 

ATC is an inviting and unique school with a safe and nurturing environment that is designed to meet the needs of each individual child. Our goal is to create lifelong learners as we seek to provide a balance of opportunities for collaboration, harmonious social development, and individual academic challenges for each child enrolled at ATC. 

Our Kindergarten uses age-appropriate, integrated thematic instruction incorporating all areas of curriculum. At ATC, children learn from specialists in the curricular areas of art, music, fitness, enrichment, STEAM and library.   Our students move among whole group, small group, and individual instruction throughout the day. This mixture of structured time and student-led exploration helps transition students comfortably from kindergarten to first grade.

Our Kindergarten classes have a 1 to 17 teacher-student ratio. Our staff is hand picked for their unique abilities and love of children. Each of them has a degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and rigorous, spanning all content areas. We link the content areas together using an integrated theme based approach. Our students go beyond the State Curriculum ensuring a seamless transition to their next school, be it private or public.

ATC is conveniently located on the northeast corner of State Route 3 and Freeman Road in Westerville, approximately two miles north of Maxtown/Polaris.

School Hours:

9:00 AM - 3:15 PM

Before and After Care Available

School Year:


August 20th - May 25, 2021


August 23rd - May 24, 2022

Ohio Charter School

Our Kindergarten is chartered by the Ohio Department of Education. We comply with ODE requirements, teach the Common Core Curriculum, and receive funding from the State of Ohio.

Kindergarten Academic Curriculum

Literacy/Language Arts

  • Fiction, non-fiction, and poetry are all launching points for reading development.
  • Our literature-based program utilizes both whole-language and phonetic approaches. Literacy is integrated into classroom activities, routines, projects, and thematic units.
  • We seek to develop fluent readers as well as create a life-long love for language, both oral and written. Fountas and Pinnell is what we utilize for guided reading and assessment.
  • Phonics concepts are introduced through an exciting program called The Phonics Dance.
  • Handwriting Without Tears is used to teach letter formation.


  • A hands-on basis for understanding mathematical relationships is fundamental to our program.
  • Critical thinking skills are introduced to all our students.
  • Students practice math skills through the use of manipulatives and practical applications.
  • Math is often incorporated into thematic units using patterns, graphs, size relationships, number sense using a 10 frame model, fractions, 3-D shapes, counting to 100, skip counting, addition and subtraction.
  • Harcourts Go Math is our curriculum reference.


  • Science is taught through experimentation, exploration and theme units.
  • We introduce developmentally appropriate, in-depth fields of study. Some of our most exciting science themes have been Penguins, Pumpkins, Habitats, and Life Cycles (with live chicks, tadpoles and butterflies).
  • We seek to foster the natural sense of wonder in children.

Social Studies

  • We celebrate the diversity of the world along with the individuality of each of our students.
  • Cooperative collaboration is taught throughout the curriculum.
  • History and heritage are appreciated and woven into our programs and activities.

Special Classes

Kindergarteners attend a special class daily to enrich their educational experience.

Visual Art - ATC Kindergarten Art introduces the students to texture, design and depth. We explore the fundamentals of lines, spatial awareness, architecture, still life paintings and more! Art Class is every other week, on a rotating schedule with Music Class.

Music - Our music program exposes students to the music scale, rhythm, and beginning music notation. Music is every other week, alternating with Art Class.

Fitness - This class is a great precursor to any type of athletic involvement and an excellent way to work on gross motor skills. Fitness provides a fun mix of music, stretching, tumbling, games, and creative expression.

Library - Our children meet to explore a variety of types of literature, authors, and writing styles with our school librarian. Together, they enjoy poetry, fiction and non-fiction books. They also choose books to take home and share.

Intervention & Enrichment - We provide small group or individual instruction to enrich and support all students with veteran teachers.

STEAM & STEW - We offer a unique opportunity for your child to attend two enrichment classes which focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math and Social Studies, Teamwork, Enrichment and Writing.

Chapel - ATC students meet twice a month in our sanctuary for a short chapel service designed to inspire and build their faith in God. Chapel is led by the pastoral staff of Northside Fellowship Church.


1. Children - As our name suggests, we believe that all children of the world are valuable, precious, and uniquely created by God. Therefore, we work with children in a way that uplifts and encourages them.

2. Early Childhood - We believe early childhood is a distinct and critical stage of development for all children. Therefore, we embrace this journey of early childhood by intentionally crafting our classroom setup and activities to address the needs of the whole child.

3. Integrated Faith - We are a Christian school that weaves faith into the classroom and curriculum. Our routines, transitions, snack times and more, support the emergence of teachable faith moments. We welcome families who are not affiliated with any church.

4. Cultural Depth - The ability to cherish our own cultural roots, as well as learn about the cultures of those around us, is a very important skill in our world. At ATC, we make learning about cultures, languages and customs an ongoing occurrence.

5. Parents and Family - We recognize the importance of parents and family in the development of a child. We seek to support and encourage parents in their role and offer enriching opportunities for families.

6. Accessibility of Staff - We embrace our role in reflecting God’s intense delight in children through quality interactions that are personal, individualized, and that reflect our deep interest and sensitivity to each child.

Confidence Builder

As the oldest students in our Academy, we’ve noticed our kindergarten students develop a sense of confidence in their abilities that they take with them when they leave our program. This self-assurance is recognized by others as they “graduate” from All the Children of the World Academy.

Parent Investment

We have an enthusiastic Parent/Teacher Fellowship (PTF) group that supports our vision and is constantly enriching our environment by sponsoring special events and exciting guests. We seek to partner with parents to provide the best possible experience for children.

Programs and Tuition

5 Day M-F

Monthly:  $541  Annually: $5,410

4 Day M-TH

Monthly:  $460 Annually: $4,600

3 Day M/W/F

Monthly: $354  Annually: $3,540

Kindergarten School Year: August 18, 2021—May 25, 2022

Child must be 5 years old by August 1, 2021


  • Tuition is divided into ten equal installments. The first installment is made in the spring to reserve your child’s placement, the second through tenth installments are due September through May.
  • A 3% discount is available for: tuition paid in full by September 1, siblings (on the less expensive tuition), and regular attendees of Northside Fellowship.
  • Discounts may be combined for a maximum discount of 6% off of tuition.

Other Costs:

  • Registration Fee $45.00
  • Supply Fee $30.00

Before and After Care:

  • Before Care available starting at 7:45 AM, After Care runs until 5:30 PM.
  • Before Care and After Care costs $7 per hour, additional siblings $4 /hour.
  • Maximum monthly charge for Before and After Care is $210.






"ATC is truly a phenomenal place! We are beyond blessed to have both our children complete preschool and Kindergarten here. The school provides a positive, loving atmosphere where community, family and FUN are emphasized!  In Kindergarten, the engaging curriculum is top- notch! It balances faith, academics and lots of fun, “hands on” education. We met so many special families. My children were beyond prepared for first grade and well ahead of expectations in vital subjects (reading, math and writing).

Thanks for a wonderful experience ATC!"

-Lindsay M. (Mom of 3)

"If you are considering ATC for your child, look no further! Both of our children attended the kindergarten program at ATC. We were beyond impressed with both of their experiences. The staff and teachers are caring, creative, engaging, supportive, and they really really love their students. We even survived the end of the school year 2020 craziness, and our teacher consistently went above and beyond for her kids. It was amazing how she adapted and continued to engage the kids from home under the circumstances. We’ve loved all the special activities that happen throughout the school year like Fall Showcase, Spring Show, Homestead Day, field trips, special cooking days, and so many fun themed days in the classroom. We also really enjoyed the after school programs offered for soccer, cheerleading, art, and STEAM. Our children both received a wonderful and loving education in the small, family like environment at ATC. We would stay at ATC forever if we could!"  

- Melissa A.

"Our experience at ATC has been amazing and frankly, we wish they offered classes through 5th grade.  My son and daughter both loved every teacher they had.  Between both of my children we were in the 3/4's class, 4/5's class, 5+ class and both attended M-Th Kindergarten.  In our final year at ATC, virtual learning happened and the Kindergarten teachers could not have handled it better!  Between online class meetings (both small groups and whole class), one - on - one calls, videos for learning new lessons and packets for experiments, art work, reading levels and more, the teachers made the most possible of virtual learning.  The family of friends we made at ATC will last a lifetime!  This is a school you will love!"  

- Shannon L.