Evening classes

January 22 & 29

Story of Christianity-Two thousand year in two short video presentations.  Gain perspective on God's work through the ages and engage the content through lively discussion.  ECO suggested resource.  Led by Nancy Dumford and David Sandritter.

Marriage Matters-Let's begin 2017 well by strengthening the marriages in our family of faith.  Marriage is tough, but the LORD offers hope and healing to develop stronger relationships.  By gleaning from DEEP LOVE content created by author, clinical psychologist and Christian, Dr. Les Parrot, we will offer impactful conversation and practical ideas for change, hope and joy-filled marriages.  Led by Sarah and Mike Tenney.

As a ministry of Northside Fellowshiphe mission of All the Children of the World Academy (ATC) is to partner with parents to love and educate children about God and their environment, in preparation for the future. Children in our school will learn and play while building a foundation for life. Our approach is active learning where children utilize their five senses. A strong academic foundation is achieved in creative and intrinsically motivating ways.

Northside Fellowship and

ATC Academy

6841 Freeman Road

Westerville, Ohio 43082