September 11 @ 6PM

You are invited to join the fun as we will be packing over 37,000 meals for families in need.  

This family-friendly event will allow people of all ages to participate in the actual packing of healthy well-rounded meals for local families.  

Let's do our part on this very important date and help local families in need! 

Our party theme is Patriotic so wear your Red, White and Blue! Let's show our American spirit and do this!

The cost of each meal provided is just 25 cents!  We have pledged to package 37,000 meals.  How many meals would you like to donate?  Example: 225 meals = $56.25



Checks made payable to Northside Fellowship/Memo The Pack Shack

Send to Northside Fellowship 6841 Freeman Road Westerville, Ohio 43082 or drop into church offering.

As a ministry of Northside Fellowshiphe mission of All the Children of the World Academy (ATC) is to partner with parents to love and educate children about God and their environment, in preparation for the future. Children in our school will learn and play while building a foundation for life. Our approach is active learning where children utilize their five senses. A strong academic foundation is achieved in creative and intrinsically motivating ways.

Northside Fellowship and

ATC Academy

6841 Freeman Road

Westerville, Ohio 43082