Small Groups

Small Groups

Tuesdays 7:00 PM: This group is led by Wayne Johnson and meets at the home of Paul & Lu Keefer (614)404-8242

Sunday mornings 9:15 AM:  at Northside, led by Vern Simpson's group (614) 648-0495.  Contact Vern to join in!

Prayer Opportunities

Wednesdays 10:00 AM at Northside. This is an open group with emphasis on intercessory prayer for Northside leaders and ministries. 

First Saturdays of the month 8:00 AM. Men's prayer time at Northside.

Second Saturdays of the month 10:00AM: All are welcome to this prayer time at Northside.

Sunday Morning Prayer following worship. Spend a few minutes with prayer team members. 

The Prayer Chain gets people in the church praying for emergency prayer requests. Contact the church office (890-8985) or email

The Benevolence Fund is financed by contributions to Northside Fellowship. The fund is used to help those in our family of faith in urgent financial need because of a crisis. Contact the church office to reach the Benevolence Committee 614-890-8985 or